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There are Krishna Consciousness centers all the over the world.  The Krishna Consciousness Movement is formally designated as ISKCON, which stands for "The International Society for Krishna Consciousness." We encourage you to visit the ISKCON center nearest you and attend the  programs reguarly so that you can learn and master the topmost science of Krishna Consciousness for making your life perfect


Click here for a directory of ISKCON  centers all over the world.


I am Sankarshan Das, one of the spiritual masters of the Krishna consciousness

movement.  You are welcome to inquire from me by the using the form below

how you can make your life perfect by practicing Krishna consciousness.  You

are also encouraged to sign up for my free online training program at:  I regularly travel and lecture all over the world.  I invite

you to come and hear my lectures and meet with me personally.  My travel

schedule is available here.

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